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 SIX P.M. was founded in Bangkok in 2011 by the founder and Creative Director, Chanchai Suwannachaya (10 Finalist of Vogue Who’s on Next Thailand 2014), to serve an alternative style of fashion.


 The main idea is to make a luxury brand while keeping its inherent identity different from others. Inspired by breaking the rule of perfection from intentionally creating garments that are imperfect.


 Creative & unique streetwear was created for the young generation's attitude. The brand's ethos came from the analysis of a metropolitan lifestyle, full of stress, competitive but, eager to achieve success.


 Imperfection beneath the perfection became our brand signature, luxury but disobedience, to offers a balance between a look of creative and luxury.


 SIX P.M. creates outfits with a sense of creative streetwear, offering a modern look through subtle and oversized silhouette, creative techniques and imperfect details. The brand launched to serve for young blood professional market, targeting fashion innovators and early fashion adopters who live their life with SIX P.M. as a tool of fashion.

founder and designer of SIX P.M.